Auction Sheet Information Guide

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Auction Sheet Information Guide

Auction Scores

The following scores can be found on auction sheets to give a general assessment of the car’s overall condition:

S - Brand New (never registered)
6 - Barely Used (Almost no damage reported)
5 - Slightly Used (May have some light scratches/dents)
4.5 - Used: Better than average condition (cars in above average condition, but older or w/higher kms)
4 - Used: Slightly better than average condition (May have light rust, dents, scratches, stains)
3.5 - Used: Average (Might have some easily visible damage, rust, dents, scratches, etc)
3 - Used: Below Average (Likely has visible damage, could have rust or light corrosion)
2 - Used: Rough Condition (Likely has heavy rust or generally poor condition all around)
RA - Repair history car that has been fixed and in better condition now
R - Repair history car that may still need more repairs
No Grade - Usually in very poor condition or needs serious repairs, sometimes not running

Body Condition Diagram

The following abbreviations explain the condition of the car’s body on the diagram, usually in the bottom right of the auction sheet

A - Scratch
B - Dent/Scratch (Needs panel work)
U - Dent
E- Pin dimple (tiny dent)
S - Rust
C - Corrosion (More serious than “S” rust)
W - Wavy paint or touch ups
X - Needs to be replaced
XX - Has been replaced
Y - Crack/Hole
R - Repaired
RX - Repaired but needs work
G - Rock chips on windshield
H - Paint Peel (Sometimes P??)
F - Paint Fade

Other Abbreviations


MT - Manual Transmission
F4 - Floor mounted 4-speed manual
F5 - Floor mounted 5-speed manual
C4 - Column mounted 4-speed manual
C5 - Column mounted 5-speed manual
AT - Automatic transmission
FAT - Floor mounted automatic transmission

Fuel Type (sometimes listed in Japanese)

G - Gasoline
D - Diesel

Equipment (Usually circled or listed on the sheet if the car has it)

AAC - Air Conditioning
AC - Air Conditioning
SR - Sunroof
AW - Alloy wheels
PS - Power Steering
PW - Power Windows
TV - Television
SRS - Airbag
AB - Airbag
ETC - Electronic toll reader (Japan only feature)

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