Search Japanese Auction Cars With Davey Japan

Our auction search tool allows you to browse Japanese car auctions nationwide, with thousands of listings daily to choose from. Listings provide vehicle data, photos, and auction sheets. Our buying team is present at auctions across the country for daily inspections, and our friendly sales staff will help you with info on pricing and vehicle condition.

How to Find Cars at Auction in Japan

We’ve made it easy to buy cars directly from Japan and have them shipped to you anywhere on the globe. Just make an account, search for the cars you’re interested in, and send us a request for more information. One of our sales associates will get back to you shortly with more information about the car and next steps for purchase. We also have inspectors on-site at the nation’s biggest auction sites to conduct pre-purchase inspections.

In-Person Inspections

Our buying staff is strategically located in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka to provide a thorough reach across some of Japan’s largest weekly auto auctions. Inspections include detailed photos of the car’s condition inside and out, as well as a thorough analysis of the vehicle from our expertly trained inspectors.


Submit bids on auction cars across Japan directly on our website. We have access to nationwide auctions and can bid on any car from Hokkaido to Okinawa that you’re interested in. We simply ask for a 20% deposit (refundable minus transfer fees) to unlock bidding privileges. Before bidding, you will be able to receive translations of auction sheets and inspections when possible, to have a clear vision of what you’re purchasing before bidding.

Purchase and Shipping

Once a vehicle is purchased, we will issue an invoice and begin the shipping process. First the car will be sent to port in Japan, where necessary export procedures will be carried out. This typically involved pre-cleaning and de-registration documents to be filed. Additionally we will arrange transport to the port of your choice and send all necessary documents to you and your customs broker for a smooth import.

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